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Long Term Value of Domains

September 29th, 2012

Will domains/.com’s have a much greater value in future years and are domains a good investment for the long term.

It is possible that domain values for good or nice names will continue to increase in value at a high rate making them great long term investments. We see some nice prices for domains that are sold but if you compare domains to other investments like collectables, antiques, old cars, and real-estate it seems like prices are very low. There is only one .com, all one of a kind and there is potential to profit from ownership year after year running ads or a business on the web site. The domain can also increase in value. Collectables don’t have a return or profit while holding it and they often have a great cost to storing them. There is only the hope of rising prices for collectables but they aren’t one of a kind. Domains, .com’s, have a fixed supply where there are always new collectables. I don’t think enough people see the potential. The big money has still not gotten into it yet. Most of the big money has gone into a successful web site but there has yet to be large investments in a wider list of web sites. Obvious there are many that invest in real-estate, but domains and web site have yet to reach that level of investing and if it does like many think, domain values will rise in value by many times what they are often bought and sold for today.

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January 9th, 2011

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List of Domains Available for Registration

October 16th, 2010

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Do domain extensions really matter?

August 5th, 2010

If the extension doesn’t matter much, there would be so many that domains would have little value. Dot com’s would plunge in value. Only a small number of one word domains with each extension would have some value. Good for some and bad for many of us that own domains.

The reason dot com’s have great value over others is that it is the top domain. It has credibility as a premium site. Would you first check out a web site with .com or .whatever ? Some will only link a dot com on their site and not bother checking out the other domains. Others look like and are usually foriegn country domains so many won’t bother checking it or they fear it may have a virus or a scam of some kind. But country domains have value in their country. A dot biz sounds to me like a scam “bizness”. Credibility is worth a lot of

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July 7th, 2010

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Four letter, 4L, domains have some value

May 16th, 2010

Four letter, 4L, domains have some value do to the limited number of them, however, it really matters what the letters are. Its possible that any 4 letters can be in demand some day if it becomes a name of a business, a name of a product or service or an expression like TGIF.

It’s true about the reg fees. Its best to have higher value domains so the cost of the reg means less. Reg fees are a low cost to hold a domain. You can also create a web site with it to gain some revenue from it. Be creative and make a site that sounds like it makes sense for your 4 letters.

Domains that make sense seem under valued to me and I think they will rise at a good rate for a number of years.

Before all the 4 letter domains were taken I looked at the ones left and took one that I liked and will keep it.

About the Domain Name Classification system

January 2nd, 2010

My classification “system” is very simple and it doesn’t value sites. With the exception being that class A domains would be worth large sums and below F, no rating, would more than likely be worthless. But if a new meaning of a domain name becomes evident the domain will move up in class.

Commercial real-estate has class A, B and C. It’s based on opinion to some degree but it also doesn’t value a property. The size of the property, comparable to how much traffic a domain gets effects the value to a large degree.

This system can have some benefits. It can focus attention to better domains rather than those at F or unrated.

Clearly everyone would be interested in Class A and B but if someone has class C and D’s people will take a look if they are available.

People, domainers, will have credibility if they actually have C and D’s if they claim they do.

Diamonds are also classified by look and color. Its opinion to some degree. A diamond that is a D flawless is the gold standard of diamonds. I set the class D as the beginning of quality for domains.

Domain Name Classifications

December 31st, 2009

Domains should be classified to show potential value. Commerical real-estate has classifications of A, B and C. Here is a classification chart I created to separate classes of domains.
Class A: Best premium, domain name sells itself, short and most likely searched keyword. Million dollar plus values.
Class B: Premium, short and highly brandable
Class C: Brandable, domain name makes sense, two or more words, or one word that’s not B class
Class D: Domain name makes sense, multiple words, useable for a web site
Class E: Good for parked page or possible web site use, some value
Class F: Limited use, registration fee value
Below F, no use or value, no classification

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April 21st, 2009

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February 10th, 2009

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