About the Domain Name Classification system

My classification “system” is very simple and it doesn’t value sites. With the exception being that class A domains would be worth large sums and below F, no rating, would more than likely be worthless. But if a new meaning of a domain name becomes evident the domain will move up in class.

Commercial real-estate has class A, B and C. It’s based on opinion to some degree but it also doesn’t value a property. The size of the property, comparable to how much traffic a domain gets effects the value to a large degree.

This system can have some benefits. It can focus attention to better domains rather than those at F or unrated.

Clearly everyone would be interested in Class A and B but if someone has class C and D’s people will take a look if they are available.

People, domainers, will have credibility if they actually have C and D’s if they claim they do.

Diamonds are also classified by look and color. Its opinion to some degree. A diamond that is a D flawless is the gold standard of diamonds. I set the class D as the beginning of quality for domains.

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