Four letter, 4L, domains have some value

Four letter, 4L, domains have some value do to the limited number of them, however, it really matters what the letters are. Its possible that any 4 letters can be in demand some day if it becomes a name of a business, a name of a product or service or an expression like TGIF.

It’s true about the reg fees. Its best to have higher value domains so the cost of the reg means less. Reg fees are a low cost to hold a domain. You can also create a web site with it to gain some revenue from it. Be creative and make a site that sounds like it makes sense for your 4 letters.

Domains that make sense seem under valued to me and I think they will rise at a good rate for a number of years.

Before all the 4 letter domains were taken I looked at the ones left and took one that I liked and will keep it.

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